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Welcome to our Tarantula Merchandise section! Explore a web of unique products inspired by these eight-legged wonders, from stylish apparel to quirky accessories. Show off your love for tarantulas with our exclusive collection of spider-themed items.

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Micro Wilderness Velcro Patch (free shipping- see description)
  • $11.99

Aphonopelma Hoodie
  • $44.99

MicroWilderness Tarantula stainless steel water bottle
  • $34.99

Harpactira pulchripes jigsaw puzzle
  • $32.99

Aphonopelma Crop Tee
  • From $37.50

Harpactira pulchripes dress
  • From $59.99

MicroWilderness glossy mug
  • From $17.99

Albo men's swim trunks
  • $55.00