New Beginnings here at M/W


This week is a super exciting one for us! We are opening the web store tomorrow. Forgive me if there are hiccups on the site, i know there are a few bugs to be found, hit me an email or facebook message if you find one of them.

We have been operating as a small company for the last year, dealing in exotic animal sales with a large focus on invertebrates. This year we have an incubator room full of spiderlings, hatchling lizards and baby snakes! Once they are available ill be posting them on the site as well. 

Lastly, A few weeks ago, my business partners dropped off M/W so my wife and i have decided to operate the company together, we have close to 1000 spiders on this end and tons of reptiles. I am looking to expand to a much larger facility soon as well to accommodate the massive growth we are facing.