Versicolor Breeding report

Hey guys! Thanks for reading the things I write. Ive never committed to a blog because of the daunting nature of keeping current but i think this is a good place to start. M/W in 10 months has evolved from an idea of of making a YouTube channel about animal care to my full time livelihood, passion project and now my web store where i get to share the fruits of my labor. 

Ive paired alot of spiders these last twelve months with a mix bag of results. One species in particular I had major success with this year, the beautiful Caribena Versicolor. 

January 6, 2019 i picked up my first adult female Versicolor from a vendor at the Pomona show. she was a 6.5" monster, albeit a bit skinny. took her home and she immediately took several super worms from me.

Being an investment animal, i searched everywhere for a male for a few days, finally finding one across the country. Having overnighting him over immediately, i gave them some time to smell each other. the signs of love where everywhere. Rapid taps periodically were unmistakable for about 12 hours before introduction of the two. the male rushed the female versi (twice his size). she was receptive on impact, a smooth pairing which lasted a good 36 minutes with several insertions.


April 22,19

feeding actually slowed for the female for the next 3 months. Heavy webbing began to happen during the third month as well. April 22 (this was also my first year wedding anniversary) My wife and I came home from dinner to a MASSIVE eggsac from her. 



pulled the sac from mom, opened it up to discover 163 EWLS. I was in love.

Photo credit: Jenn Rose

Caribena Versicolor babies!


Pulled these fuzzy blue second instars, separated them vials and began finding new homes for them immediately

Fans from facebook might remember the hilarious vial with free versi campaign i tried to launch. I got Zucked immediately.


additional notes:

-4/9/19 purchased 1 additional female AF Versicolor for the project, paired immediately

-5/22/19 got a second eggsac from the 4/9/19 female, the fastest eggsac turnaround ive ever experienced

-5/16/19 purchased 2 additional female AF Versicolors for the project, 1 paired, one rejected male several times and continues to do so 

-6/3/19 purchased 1 additional female AF Versicolor for the project, paired immediately and as of 7/15/2019 looks gravid.


Wish me further luck guys!