..And Another New Project!

I’m not an animal hoarder I swear! 

This year has been difficult because I started to phase out breeding projects I started a decade ago, rehoming snakes that literally grew up with me. C’est la vie, part of growing up is making space for new thing to flourish in you life right? Well... in lieu of me adopting out a lot of my old breeder ball pythons, my wife got me a Nephrurus Levis Levis (Smooth Knob Tail Gecko) for my bday. This is my favorite gecko species of all time, heads nearly as large as their bodies, eyes just as disproportionately big——-> they look like they were drawn out for anime 

Sorry for digressing, This species was a dream project for a long time and clearing up space has presented an opportunity to start a new project. We have reached out to plenty of the Knobtail Gecko breeders in country to acquire females, with the search yielding only two I like. If you guys have a female available, please reach out! 

Thanks for reading!